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"Mix Service" allows you to mix any service we offer as you please. An example would be: you need junk removal, brush removal, and demolition service. You can now have all those services completed by one business rather than having to call multiple businesses. We build relationships with our customers. We understand having multiple people from different services in or around your property/workplace can be stressful. That's why we created "Mix Service". Have everything completed by the same business eliminates stress. As we say at Versatile, "where we take on the stress so you can rest!" Professional, efficient, dependable and trusted local Versatile team.

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Not interested in having people enter your home during these difficult times? No problem, Versatile is designed to make everything as smooth as possible while keeping you safe. Simplify and stay safe with our curbside pick up and removal of items you left for us, whether it's junk or donations! Following the pick up, you will receive a call, email or text message verifying your pickup is complete. How do you pay without contact? Easy, you can pay over the phone or online!

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Need clutter removed at your earliest convenience? Give us a call and we will send out our next available team promptly. We know how important it can be to get your items out of mind and out of sight.

What We Offer: Welcome
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